Emma Carver
Assessment & development consultant
Peter Francis
Presentation & public speaking coach

Emma knows all there is to know about people development and recruitment.  A highly experienced Business Psychologist and Resourcing Manager , Emma has a proven track-record of outstanding training and assessment design & delivery across a wide range of industries and sectors. She has extensive experience and qualifications in a number of psychometric assessment tools and success in building strong client relationships at all levels.


She has a relaxed way about her and a professionalism which gets the best results for our clients. Her expertise includes the design and facilitation of assessment & development centres as well as delivery of one to one feedback and development coaching. She also regularly undertakes job analysis, exercise and competency design and the design and delivery of training such as Level A & B personality and test user BPS training, competency based interviewing, assessor training, managing performance, team building and diversity.  


Emma manages an experienced pool of assessors who are available to join projects as we need them.

Peter is our ace presentation skills trainer.  He has a terrific way with people and is exceptionally energetic on his feet.  He's been an independent public speaker since 1990 having presented and facilitated over 600 seminars, training courses and conference speeches on a wide range of topics, to audiences from five to 200. Successful world tours have taken in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the US and Canada.


Peter helps our clients who need to present material to an audience more effectively and with greater impact. Using appropriate skills, including leading edge NLP techniques, Peter helps individuals to present material with precision and confidence. Peter has a Diploma in Neuro Linguistic Programming and has trained for Television and Radio presentation.

The people we put in front of you

There's a wealth of talent at Perfect Pitch.  Our people have all spent years learning their craft.  We're very lucky to have them and you will benefit hugely from their experience and knowledge.  We'll find out what you need, then pair you with the person or combination of people we feel can give you the biggest benefit. 
Lori Weber
Founder and MD
Dan Oakley
Senior leadership coach

Dan is our leadership and management coaching guru.  He has over 12 years of Board Level experience including 5 years as Managing Director UK & Ireland (£50m turnover) within the £1bn multinational Puratos (Food Ingredients) organisation. During this time Dan led the team to year on year profitable growth in an extremely challenging market segment. Throughout this period the development of his team and organisation of 75 people was one of the key pillars of the strategy to deliver exceptional results.


He heads up our leadership programmes, providing no nonsense coaching to deliver results and dynamic change at the top.   Also INSIGHTs accredited, Dan uses this tool to help develop our clients' leadership and business behaviours.

I started Perfect Pitch in 2003 and it has grown to deliver well-respected work across the UK and Europe.  Communication and presentation are absolute passions of mine and I've had over 15 years as a successful consultant specialising in this field, coaching and training at all levels of business and in many varied organisations.  A dual background in performing arts and a variety of business roles helps me engage with people.  I understand what it is to stand in front of people, the need to form relationships quickly and easily and how to be aware of the messages both our bodies and voices are communicating.  I love all things word orientated, creative thinking and storytelling and I'm never far away from a new mnemonic, created to aid clients' learning

I design and deliver many of our programmes and have accreditation in NLP and colour psychology, tools which form the basis of much of my work.  I coach on middle manager behaviours and even do a spot of role play with Janet, below (when she'll let me).

Janet is another of our consultants who is truly excellent in her field.  She has been working in the corporate sector for over twenty-five years using drama-based training methods to enhance individuals’ personal confidence and skills within the business environment.  She has been a professional actor all her adult life appearing on stage, TV and film. 


Janet’s niche areas are presentation skills, communication - particularly handling difficult conversations and customer care: developing strong communication techniques through language, listening, eye contact and empathy.  


Janet creates bespoke role play and forum theatre programmes for us, often in conjunction with targetted coaching and training.

Janet Rawson
Lead role play consultant
Sian Hughes

Siân is a whizz at all things PowerPoint and beyond.  She helps Perfect Pitch put striking presentations in front of you, making our training material impactful and helping you understand our message.  Siân can also do the same for you. 


Specifically working with small to medium sized companies, who don’t have their own design team, Siân can create a variety of materials to give your company the impact and style you’re looking for but without those big design agency invoices.

We're a growing consultancy who can help your people deliver what you need them to, effectively and efficiently.  All it takes is some faith in what we can do and a bit of investment.  It's important for us to understand what you'd like to change, so let's talk."  

Lori Weber, MD Perfect Pitch Coaching Ltd