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The people we put in front of you

There's a wealth of talent at Perfect Pitch.  Our people have all spent years learning their craft.  We're very lucky to have them and you will benefit hugely from their experience and knowledge.  Most of our training is bespoke so if you need something just ask and we'll design training for you which really hits the spot.  
Lori Weber
Founder and MD

Hello!  I started Perfect Pitch in 2003 and it has grown to deliver well-respected work across the UK and Europe.  My niche within the business is presentation skills and the subtleties of business behaviour.  They're passions of mine and I've spent over 20 years specialising in this field, coaching and training at all levels of business and in many varied organisations. 


A dual background in performing arts and a variety of business roles helps me engage with people.  I understand what it is to stand in front of people, the need to form relationships quickly and easily and how to be aware of the messages both our bodies and voices are communicating.  I love all things word orientated, creative thinking and storytelling and I'm never far away from a new mnemonic, created to aid clients' learning

I design and deliver many of our programmes and have accreditation in NLP and colour psychology, tools which form the basis of much of my work.  

Drop me an email to let me know what you need from us!  


Emma Carver
Senior consultant

Emma is our senior consultant designing and delivering a wide range of training and develop across our client base.  She regularly runs team building workshops and believes in energising teams through guided facilitation alongside experiential learning. She is qualified in a wide range of psychometric tools and has a particularly strong interest in Emotional Intelligence.  Alongside her work in Leadership Assessment & Development, she is driven to improve standards and encourage


the growth of emerging managers by giving those with the aspiration to lead the opportunity to develop their expertise in best practice and up to date tools. Emma manages a pool of actors and assessors who bring to life her training with role play, forum theatre and live assessment scenarios & challenges. Emma is also an experienced actor. 


Her experience and skill-sets are very wide reaching - too wide to put it all down here! She's our go-to expert and drives much of the design of bespoke programmes for our clients.

Gayle Tong
Specialist coach and facilitator

Gayle is a qualified coach and facilitator with a background in learning & development, largely in the retail sector.  She specialises in confidence and banishing the inner critic.  Her style of coaching is informal, conversational and action focused. 


A qualified C-me practitioner, Gayle uses the Jungian psychological principles to enhance the delivery of highly effective team workshops and personal coaching.  Her particular areas of focus include:

  • Understanding and building confidence in personal and professional lives​

  • Career progression and development, exploring options, working through redundancy and preparing for a new role

  • Team working and effective interaction

  • Building profile, presence and self-awareness​

  • Communication styles with teams, peers and leaders; relationship building​

She says of herself "I’m direct and there is no fluffy stuff involved. I’m a big believer in pulling up your big pants and getting it done!"  Gayle is great at helping people unpick and break down their challenges into smaller pieces to make them more manageable.

Patrick Haywood
Specialist trainer and facilitator 

Patrick is a highly experienced Organisational Development practitioner and executive coach delivering strategic learning to the retail, advertising, manufacturing and charity sectors, across multi-site organisations. Patrick specialises in the planning, design and implementation of communication programmes to support organisational change, helping to build learning cultures and successfully mediating complex employee relations issues.


He is a Senior PRISM Brain Mapping practitioner focussing on using neuroscience to help people understand and view human behaviour, and is accredited to deliver Socio-mapping workshops for executive teams. He has been an associate member of the Association for Coaching since 2003.

Patrick's portfolio of training includes Leadership and Management Development programmes, Remote Team management, Having Difficult Conversations, Communicating with Impact, Leading Change Initiatives and developing people using personality profiling tools and performance techniques.

Damian Cooper C Roleplay.jpg
Damian Cooper
Specialist role player
& facilitator
Vanda Varga
Specialist practitioner, trainer and facilitator
Vanda 2.jpg

Damian has been working in training and development for over fifteen years as well as being a multi award-winning actor, standup comedian and former DJ. He's now left the wheels of steel behind, but still enjoys being in front of groups of people and getting them to loosen up and have fun, now usually with a whiteboard rather than vinyl! The transferrable skills he has from his performance background and ability to react to people’s needs in the moment leads to enjoyable, informal and impactful training sessions.


Primarily as a role player, Damian has worked across various sectors impacting real change and improving communication skills, including working with the UK’s counter terrorism unit, CIA, FBI and various UN agencies. Damian has also done a lot of training and facilitating around mental health safety. Having worked with such variety of organisations, with participants at various levels within their company’s structure, Damian is able to understand the nuances of an organisation’s challenges and tailor proactive learning whilst maintaining psychological safety throughout for all.

Vanda is a Trainer and Master Practitioner of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). She has over 20 years experience of exploring the human mind.

She is a firm believer of lifelong learning and the ability of the human brain to rewire itself, or be rewired intentionally. She believes that everyone, regardless of their age, race, gender or condition, has the ability to change and grow, gain or regain their confidence, self-esteem, self-belief and have a brighter, more positive outlook on life.


Vanda uses a combination of NLP, hypnotherapy, mindfulness and coaching tools to enhance mental fitness and emotional well-being.


She delivers life changing one to one coaching for us, creates and delivers training workshops to eliminate Impostor Syndrome, Limiting Beliefs, reduce anxiety, stress and overwhelm, and improve other thinking which gets in the way of our productivity and happiness.

Chris mooney.png
Chris Mooney
Specialist trainer and facilitator

Chris is our mindset specialist.  He's innovative and an all round nice guy (well we all are really).  Chris likes to do things differently, so you won't get bored with PowerPoint and you will find his sessions interactive and stimulating.  Chris is also training to be a Counsellor, learning which gives him an empathetic viewpoint to training our clients in how to think differently about their performance, their colleagues and their organisation.

Chris is an accredited Clarity4D business partner, and over the years has used his learning and development to explore a range of different disciplines.  This means that he can best support our clients and their unique needs. Whatever your organisation needs, from improved sales to customer service or more effective management or leadership, it all starts with mindset.

Sian Hughes

Siân is a whizz at all things PowerPoint and beyond.  She helps Perfect Pitch put striking presentations in front of you, making our training material impactful and helping you understand our message.  Siân can also do the same for you. 


Specifically working with small to medium sized companies, who don’t have their own design team, Siân can create a variety of materials to give your company the impact and style you’re looking for (without those big design agency costs).

Sometimes we work together to bring you an even broader range of expertise and energy in the room!

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