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Tom Cleary, what an amazing The Tipper Group Lunch time event today with a record number of attendees! Thank you very much for teaching us those useful techniques, which will help us not only during these challenging times but even afterwards. You are a true wellbeing specialist and a very good speaker! We really appreciate the time you spent with us this afternoon. I cannot recommend you enough to those, who could also benefit from your very valuable knowledge. Thank you again!

Kamer Tuncbilek

Project Manager, TWI Global

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Recruiting the best talent is an essential part of continuing to build the Oxford Saïd offering. Increasingly, the HR team were being asked to attend every interview and this became impossible.  I wanted to equip recruiting managers with the skills, knowledge and confidence to be able to make recruitment decisions without relying on HR.  Having worked with Emma Carver in a previous role, I knew that she was the best person to be able to understand, decipher and deliver what was needed, and she did this brilliantly.  She also designed a number of recruitment tools and processes for us to use to introduce a thorough, standardised approach for all.


We now have an interview skills course which has been attended by most recruiting managers, and the results have been dramatic.  We have seen an increase in the quality of new recruits, an uncompromising approach to the appointments and the confidence in these decisions has been unfaltering. 


The course Emma designed is engaging, challenging and has delivered exactly what we had hoped for. 


Melanie Francis, HR Director, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

Chris is fantastic! Such amazing energy and delivery. I had the pleasure of working with him when he came to deliver resilience workshops.

Chris’s approach was honest, authentic, and full of life which made everyone who attended feel at ease and able to share their experiences, knowing that it was a safe and supportive environment.  Underlying Chris’s approach is true professionalism and deep knowledge of the subject matter. I am looking forward to the next opportunity to work with Chris.

Stacey Black

Learning Partner at Ordnance Survey



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