Presenting and communicating


Your people are the public face of your organisation.  How they present both themselves and their message can influence your company's success at every level.


We have worked with some of the biggest names in the world to help individuals at all levels stand out, be understood and get noticed - in the right way.  We are also working constantly with small companies and start-ups.  We just like to help...

Many of our programmes are underpinned by psychometric understanding using INSIGHTs or C-Me colour profiling.


Lori, Peter and Janet all coach and train presentation skills in a one to one or workshop capacity.  We get under the skin of what it is to present effectively.  A unique combination of skills ranging from professional theatre to public speaking world tours, we really know how to do it and how to make it relevant for your organisation's message and its audience.  We can encourage those lacking in confidence, coach clear solution based delivery and advise on clear, structured content.  Our work spreads across the very varied levels of need throughout a company's hierarchy and our approach is always tailored to suit.   The results are long-lasting and for many, life changing. 


Our communication skills programmes are bespoke in the extreme.  We consistently help individuals relate to their peers, customers or stakeholders to help them understand the differences in style and approach and to create and deliver communication, verbal and non-verbal, which will enable them to work harmoniously and with influence.


Often our services merge;  it's inevitable really because we like to make things as bespoke as possible.  Janet and Lori can often be found delivering a combination programme of communication principals with soft skills coaching which is supported by actor role play and forum theatre.  This tangibly embeds the learning and makes it very real.

The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave, is not training them and having them stay.


Henry Ford

Help your people shine and build lasting, effective relationships