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Invest in getting the right people in the right job and you're nearly there...

Talent assessment and recruitment


We understand about people and how important they are they are to the success of your business.


Our HR expert, Emma and her team are highly experienced assessment specialists who can help you to identify the very best candidates whose background, capability and personality will compliment your culture.  We can make sure that you hire and promote the best person, to make the most positive contribution, commercially and behaviourally to the business.


We are able to assist with all levels of assessment from 1st Line Managers or specialist roles such as Sales & Marketing through to 1:1 Executives at a Senior Manager or VP level.   We can also deliver volume assessment/development centres where we provide experienced teams to support you.  This extends to equipping your managers to make the right people decisions,  based on robust assessment of capability and potential. 


Assessment & development centres typically include a range of exercises and psychometric tools as well as competency based interviewing and can be tailored in length and complexity to your specific requirements. We use or create a wide range of illuminating exercises and Emma and her team are are fully qualified in a number of psychometric tools including: OPQ, MQ, Saville Wave, HDS, DiSC and LiFO.  


Our work spans all aspects of the employee lifecycle from entry level to succession planning including design of exercises, interviews, recruitment processes through to face to face assessment, development and training.   We do job analysis, design competency frameworks and use assessment performance data to help design and deliver transformational training to help improve the performance of that most special thing - your people.


We are also able to provide specific expertise through competency based interview and assessor training to improve your internal capability and relieve the pressure on your HR teams. 


Bascially we can do the lot...


Hiring the best is your most important task


Steve Jobs

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