We create people with impact

Many businesses fail to operate successfully because their people don't understand each other well enough, communicate effectively or manage with clarity.  They may be mis-aligned with the company's values or simply be in the wrong place


At Perfect Pitch Coaching we take a personal, solution-based approach to creating people who have impact, can influence customers and lead harmonious teams.  We help build better internal and external relationships to promote quicker efficient decision making to drive productivity and personal growth.  We help you to source and keep the right people in the right job to ensure sustained growth and succession planning.



Let us help you create people who are truly memorable
Lori Weber - founder and Managing Director


​For us it's all about YOU. We don't do stuff off the shelf because that's not very personal is it?  We develop communication, presentation and business behaviours to improve your people and their relationships. All our coaching and team programmes are put together based on what you want to achieve. We're good at listening and delivering what you really need. 



There's a wealth of talent at Perfect Pitch. Our people have all spent years learning their craft. We're very lucky to have them and you will benefit hugely from their experience and knowledge. What's more they like to talk, to you and to each other to make sure what we give you really hits the spot and delivers, time and again.



We work with a variety of businesses from non-profit to FMCG, banking and the public sector. We've transformed people across the world - a big claim - and our reach over a number of sectors and cultures is wide.  Some of these are featured on our projects page.  There are testimonials dotted around the website, so you can see what the people we've worked with really think of us.

"Lori and her team have become trusted and valued providers of training, coaching and development advice.  They are our "go to" consultancy.  Our field sales team, high potential candidates and senior leaders have all benefited from the bespoke care and focus which Perfect Pitch provides."

Jane Ryder - Marketing Director - Valspar Consumer UK